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Gone are the days where a kitchens sole purpose is functionality. Many new homes are designed open-plan and the kitchen has become a part of the living and entertainment area that is why when looking at lighting your kitchen space it needs to be functional & comfortable.

Task Lighting - Ceiling Lights

When Lighting your kitchen, you will find three main lighting options: your first main light to consider will be task lighting, this will be your main source of light centered to the room allowing a full illumination of the space.


Task lighting - Downlights (Recessed Lights)

Accent Lighting

Our second lighting solution will be accent lighting - create a dramatic touch of elegance by placing additional downlights into your glass cabinet’s.

Placing these on a separate switch will not only highlight items displayed but will serve as background lighting creating depth to your space as well as serve as mood lighting when entertaining.

Should you want to create a more layered affect adding a few under-counter lights can create a statement and assist in additional task & accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Thirdly ambient lighting. This will complete your space and décor design creating a focal point within your space. This can be achieved by repeating smaller elements of your décor design and repeating them in pendants or a chandelier over your kitchen Island or breakfast nook.

These should also be placed on a separate switch as to allow you to create the mood and feel that suites you.

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