Recessed downlights are a versatile, functional & modern source of light that can meet all your lighting requirements throughout your home. For your kitchen lighting requirements, it is essential to ensure there are sufficient light levels to be able to complete the task at hand. When working on how many downlights you may require, it is important to work out the height of the ceiling and the size of the room. If your kitchen is open plan, divide each area into separate living spaces to work out the below calculation.Downlights article image
Measure the square footage of the room by multiplying the width by its depth, divide the square footage by 3 and this will give you a guide line for the number of downlights required for task lighting. Place your downlights approximately 700mm- 800mm from the edge of the walls in linear spacing. Depending on the kitchens layout and wattage of the globe, space the downlighters evenly across the room for a balanced look. We generally recommend 850mm – 1100mm between downlighters.
Please note this is a rough guideline and a Zebbies team member should be consulted with your electrician before installation.

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