Pathway lighting allows you to walk safely at night in conditions of low or no natural light. Rather than flooding the whole space with a blanket of light, you can provide localised pools of low light on the ground, right where you need it. Remember, a well-lit garden is an obvious deterrent to any potential clandestine activity. Pathway lights can also help direct the flow of foot traffic, leading people to points of visual interest in the landscape. Creating a meandering path of light is a great way to control sightlines and make your home's garden feel larger at night.
When looking at lighting your pathway we recommend you offset the positioning by staggering them diagonally across from each other and not all on one side or directly opposite from each other, by offsetting your lights it creates a sense of balance. Using a low wattage globe is recommended as not to blind yourself or your guests. Looking for pathway lighting doesn’t always mean your lighting has to run directly on the edge of your walkway, you can combine your pathway lighting with a few focused garden spot lights  in your flower beds to highlight your plants & trees which will create a sense of ambiance and depth to your garden.

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