Just as lighting is important inside your home, lighting outside of your home is equally as important – if not more so. Exterior lighting can make your home look beautiful and highlight the architectural features in the evening. Aside from aesthetics, safety and security of your home can give you and your guests added security and peace of mind when entering and leaving your home.Outdoor article image
Lighting at the front door serves several purposes: To act as a beacon that shows people where to enter; to prevent tripping on steps; and to help locate the doorbell or keyhole. It also lets those inside see who is at the door. Depending on the style of your home there are a variety of colours and styles available. It is key to keep your architectural features in mind as keeping with the same colour or style will only enhance your overall design. The style of light you choose should be repeated through the front of your home to keep a natural flow of design and light.

Tip: When looking at your outdoor lights it is important to select a light that is rated for outdoor use, another important thing to consider is the area in which you live. Should you be close to the sea it is important to select a light that is suitable to these conditions so that the light does not rust or oxidize in the first few months of installation. Should this be the case for you, it is important to inform a Zebbies team member so they can advise & assist you accordingly.