Keeping your ceiling fan clean and dust free can help prevent allergies whilst helping your fan last longer.

Step 1: Please make sure your fan is off
Step2: So as not to get any dust or residue on your furniture please place a drop sheet over any furniture below your ceiling fan.
Step 3: Stand on a ladder so your head is above the blades
Step 4: Place a dry micro fiber or cotton cloth over the top of your blades and wipe gently as not to put a lot of pressure on the blades as this can put your fan out of balance. Repeat this on all your blades, not forgetting to wipe the top of your motor down as well.
Step 5: Should your home be in a coastal region, spray Mr. Min onto your clean microfiber/ cotton cloth and wipe your fan blades and motor (Please do not spray directly onto your fan). Mr. Min will put a fine coating to protect your fan from rust.
Step 6: Please do not use any water or harsh cleaning products e.g. Handy Andy, as this can lead to corrosion, swelling of your blades or stripping any paint or wood finish off the fan.