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In the bedroom, layered lighting often works best. Instead of just a single source of light, opt for various lighting in different positions as well as incorporating separate switching and dimming to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Ambient Lighting

Begin your layered lighting foundation with ambient lighting, also known as general lighting. This will give you an overall light that will enable you to perform general and simple tasks. Ambient lighting is best achieved with ceiling lights, chandeliers and select pendants this can also be achieved with a more minimalistic look by making use of downlights.

Task Lighting: Wall Lights

Your second layer to consider is task lighting. Task lighting provides bright and focused light for tasks such as reading and grooming. This can be achieved by incorporating wall lights on either side of the bed with an adjustable spot light or arm for reading.

Task Lighting: Pendants

Alternatively choose a pendant fixture that matches the tones in the room – take it from your selected linen and accents. When repeating elements this will allow you to keep a natural flow through your space and establish the style of your room. When considering this application numbers are flexible. A low hanging pendant light can be hung on either side of the bed and used as an alternative to a bedside table lamp. Just like matching your bedside table lamps you can also match your pendant lights. Alternatively, you could pair one pendant light with a table lamp, both creating an asymmetrical look. As a rough guideline, your pendants should be hung 1.7m above the ground to create an ambient glow. Create an illusion of movement by putting one pendant light lower than the other, putting together the same or different pendant fixtures – this is a creative way to add personal style to your bedroom.

Accent Lighting

In your bedroom, accent lighting is mood lighting which is a subdued version of ambient lighting. By making use of ambient lighting this will add drama to your room by creating visual interest. You can achieve this desired look by making use of LED tape light. You can position these around the base of your bed, back of your head board or alternatively you can position LED tape light around your bulkhead should you have one creating depth to your design. Led tape lights come in a variety of colours to suit your desired look.


Now that you’ve layered your bedroom lighting, dimmers play an important role in your bedrooms design. Dimmers add an extra dimension to your room’s environment, allowing a gradual change in lighting, providing mood lighting as the day’s activities wind down.

*Material may have been used from external sources in order to compile this article.